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Umazon - A Technological Evolution of Humans

Are you a Umazon?

With the advent of Google and Amazon, SAP, Microsoft, Apple and their various soft and hardware combined, human beings have at their fingertips total knowledge available now and what's coming in the future. This is the generation of the Umazon.

Umazons will become their cell phones their shopping malls their own doctors their own teachers their own attorneys, their brains will hold and be able to access all intelligence relevant to their every desire, wish and human need. Forget millenials, we are now all Umazons in the making - according to Charlene.

Squeezing the Daylight Out of the Sun

Consider the possibility of speeding up the earth's natural process of converting energy from the sun to food sources for living creatures and plant life, then to waste that is disgested into the ground for millions of years to make what we call oil. How quickly would it take to shrink millions of years to a matter of minutes.

Focus on Local Warming Forget Global Warming


Charlene on Green showcases the BIA "New Hawaiian Home" in Honolulu. Forget about global warming Charlene focuses on "local warming" solutions


EAT BUTTER - Everybody Loves Butter

For the past 25 years Charlene on Green and others have been educating consumers to eat real butter, now TIME Magazine

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